Performance-Based Tasks

The increasing prevalence of powerful technologies in our nation’s classrooms and the recent adoption of college-and-career-ready standards in states across the country have fueled the push for more realistic assessments of student skills and knowledge. Regardless of the standards or assessments states have adopted, new models of assessment are coming to schools across the country. Or perhaps, we should acknolwedge they are an old idea of assessment that can more easily be realized by commonly available technologies.

Please see this growing list of performance-based tasks I have developed with or for school districts across the country and let me know if your school or district would like to learn how to develop and implement them.

Research & Evaluation Reports

Some of my more recent white papers covering topics like screen time and considerations for whether you should or should not implement “simultaneous” learning.

Many of my other reports are produced for clients only, however, you can access a series of evaluation reports I completed for the Virginia Department of Education on their website. These were independent evaluations of the use of mobile learning resources including content resources and devices for the Department’s eLearning Backpack Initiative.

Major Publications

Online Professional Development Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use. Third Edition. Transformers



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